E-Commerce ERP

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E-commerce ERP systems began to appear in the early 1980s. ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning, which is an enterprise management platform that emphasises the optimisation of the enterprise’s internal and even external resources, and the improvement of utilisation efficiency. Through E Commerce ERP software, companies can use computers to automate management of their labour power, materials and financial resources.

The E-commerce ERP integration embodies advancement, unity, integrity, and openness. In general, the ERP system integrates all internal resources of the enterprise, planning procurement, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance, and human resources to achieve optimal allocation of resources. The ERP system integrates customer needs, internal manufacturing activities and supplier manufacturing resources to form a complete supply chain of the enterprise. Enterprises should correctly understand the ERP system, carefully analyse the management problems of the enterprise before the implementation of ERP, plan and use ERP to solve these problems in detail, and better provide a foundation for ERP to give full play to its efficiency.

The ERP system is a next-generation manufacturing business system and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) software developed by Gartner Group. It runs with a customer or service structure, a graphical user interface and an application-opened system. In addition to its current standard functions, the ERP system also includes other features, such as quality control, process operation management and drafting adjustment reports etc. Moreover, the independence of ERP in software and hardware makes it easier for users to upgrade the system, which is why the EPR system could widely apply to different fields, as the system plays an important role in improving the business enterprise curriculum and the efficiency, leading up to a great competitiveness.