E-Commerce Tracking

Digitalab is an E-Commerce tracking company that features the E-Commerce tracking services with our in-house talents, who is committed to help you with the technical support, routine maintenance, security needs and problems on E-commerce tracking services. Whatever your business wants, Digitalab will be at your call for every step of the way.

When you whether start to sell a product on your online website without knowing how to measure its impacts, or you know about the amounts of transactions but do not know what, when where and how, it shows you are not getting on the right strategy to gain a profit, and what you need is to generate a tracking system of customers spending trends that basically every single bit of customer purchasing information counts on it.

As you all know that e-commerce transaction data is the most important type of metric you can track, but you don’t always know what runs behind the system ,and therefore questions are just raised to flow over sky without an answer – How you to set up the tracking system, how to counts the information, what criteria states underneath, and how our people can understand the complexities. So, it is time for you to admit you can’t do things all by yourselves and you should ask the best E-commerce tracking services in Singapore.

While you are collaborating with us, we always guide you on the whole logistics flow. with an clear explanation, You will learn to track, excel and analyse the information every parts of your business balancing sheet, such as the total revenue and cost on each transactions, the number of products purchased and sold, the time of transaction occurs, ensuring that the all parties are synced, and therefore a clear chain for shipping in the results.

As promised, we would give insights on details about every your sales while delivering the best E-commerce tracking services in Singapore. It’s important to trace back your most important KPI whether it’ is the group of people targeted at a real time. So you can understand where your success comes from and therefore make an more effective returns of investments.